De-Odor System

De-Odor system with all drawings. Installed 2003.  De-NOx system also available.

Now disassembled and stored - Ready to ship.

De-Odor System Design Requirements:

2-1 Exhaust Gas Specifications

a.       Exhaust Gas Origin: Furnace Max. 13.6 - 40 Nm³/min (1,312 - 3,858 SCFM)

b.      Exhaust Gas Amount: F=13.6-40Nm³/min (When the rising of temperature due to solvent combustion is high, it will process 40Nm3/min Max. diluting by the outside air.)

c.       Exhaust Gas Temperature:  t=200˚C (Designed Temperature)

Variation Range: 50˚C-450˚C

d.      Dust & Tar: Shouldn’t be contained.

e.      Processed Materials & Concentration:

Processed Materials: Hydrocarbon

Concentration: Max. 40% of LEL (Toluene Conversion, estimate)

Concentration Variation: 0-40% of LEL


2-2   Operation Requirements:

a.       Operating Time: 22hr/Day, 7,000hr/Year (Estimate)

b.      De-Odor Installation Location: Ground, Outdoors

Distance from the Origin of Exhaust Gas: Approx. 15M

c.       Fuel : Natural Gas

Calorific Value: 9.000kcal/Nm³ (Lower Heating Value)

Supply Pressure: 35KPa


d.      Power Supply:  For Power    480V x 3 Phase x 60Hz

                          For Operation   110V x Single Phase x 60Hz

                         (Decrease pressure down from 480V to use)

e.      Other:

·   Exhaust Gas Properties

The exhaust gas shall not contain the compounds of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, zinc or metal fume or sulfur compounds or catalyst poison such as halogen compounds (especially organic silicon compounds)

3. Design Calculation

3-1   Temperature Rise Due to Solvent Combustion

    a.      Rising of Temperature △Ts=200˚C (After Dilution, When 40Nm³/min)

             When the rising of temperature due to solvent combustion is high, Dilute by the outside air.

     b.      Calculation of Calorific Value:

Qs=200˚C x 40Nm³/min x 60 x 0.33kcal/Nm³˚C

=158,400kcal/Hr, 66kcal/Nm³


3-2   Designed Processing Temperature: T₀=380˚C  At the pre-processing agent inlet

3-3   Required Amount for Sub-retardant

         a. Necessary Fuel:  Qf=(40)(380-200)(0.324x60)=140,000kcal/Hr   F     T₀   t2     Cp

         b. Sub-retardant Amount:  Ff=Qb/KL=15.6Nm³/min  (When stable)

3-4   Heat Balance

1.       Exhaust Gas Temperature t1:200˚C

2.       Solvent Combustion △Ts: 200

3.       Burner Combustion: △Tb: 180   

Catalyst Layer Outlet Temperature: 580˚C

4. Equipment Specifications

4-1 Catalytic Combustion Type De-Odor System  (1 set)

Model: TCF-40 Type

Processing Air Volume: Max. 40Nm³/min

Materials & Insulation Materials: Interior ….SUS-304, MG1 (Catalyst Inlet)

                                            Ceramic Wool (Catalyst Outlet)

                                             Exterior Plate….SS-400

Outline Dimensions: 1,300 (W) x 1,600 (H) x 1,950 (L)

Approx. Weight: 1.5 ton


4-2 Catalyst: Vanadium Based Catalyst      (1 set)

         NHX-724, 424 Model, 2 Piece, 72 Litters

         SV=33, 3331/Hr (40Nm³/min Standard)


4-3 Pretreatment Material: Ceramic Based Treatment Agent (1 set)

    NC-2, 424 Model, 2 Pieces, 72 Litters

    SV=33, 3331/Hr (40Nm³/min Standard)


4-4 Burners                                  (2 each)

   Manufacturer & Model: Maxon EB-2

  Max. Heat Output: 291Kw (250,000Kcal/Hr) (Natural Gas 28Nm³/Hr)

  Turn Down Ratio=10:1

  Pilot Burner: Built-in, Max. Heat Output 10,000Kcal/Hr


4-5 Blowers       

Exhaust Gas Blower for De-Odor System (soundproof Equipment)  (2 each)

Model: One-Side Suction Turbo Fan

Capacity: 75m³/min x 5.3KPa, #3 ½

Materials: Blower SUS-304

                   Others SS-400

Electric Motor: AC3 Phase, 480V x 60Hz x 4P x 11Kw

Fully-closed Outside Fan

Attachments: Automatic Air Volume Regulation by Inverter


4-6 Fuel Control System   (1 Set)

IRI Standard

Embedded Devices: Combustion Air Blower Pressure Switch,

Gas Pressure Switch (Upper /Lower Limits), Gas Solenoid Valve (2 for Pilot),

Gas Pressure Regulator, Gas Shut-off Valve (2 for Main), and Gas Integrating Flowmeter.


4-7 De-Odor Equipment Operation Control Panel (2 Panels)

Power Control & Operating Panels Integrated

Operation Circuit: Sequencer Built-in Full Automatic Operation

Model: Outdoor Drip Proof Dust Controlled Free Stranding Type

Outline Dimensions: 700 (L) x 500 (W) x 2,000 (H)

a.       Temperature Indicator Controller: 0-800C (TIC-101)

                                                   Manufactured by Yamatake

                                                   C312GA000500, PID Movements

                                                  (Connecting to Control Motor) (1 each)

b.      Temperature Indicator Controller: 0-800C (TIC-102)

                                                   Manufactured by Yamatake

                                                    C312GA000500, PID Movements

                                                   (Connecting to Control Motor) (1 each)

c.        Temperature Indicator Controller: 0-800C (TIC-103)

                                                              Manufactured by Yamatake

                                                              C312GA000500, PID Movements

                                                             (Connecting to Control Motor)   (1 each)

d.      Pressure Indicator Controller:         + 1.0KPa (PIC-201)                          

              Manufactured by Yamatake

              C315GA000500, PID Movements, Input/output 4-20mA (1 each)

e.      Protection Relay:    (XAZ0-601) Manufactured by Yamatake

                                           RA890G117x2  100V

                                         (Ultra Vision C7035A1064)  (1 each)

f.        Sequencer:   Manufactured by Mitsubishi Electronic, Melsec-AISHCPU,

                                1/0 Voltage, DC24V (1 set)

g.   Inverter:  Manufactured by Mitsubishi Electronic  (1 each)

                            FR-F540-11K, 11Kw, 480V

                           w/ FR-BEL-H11K (DC Reactor)      

h.   Ammeter, Set Indicator, Operation Button, Emergency Stop Button etc. (1 set)

i.    Temperature Recorder: (TR-110) Manufactured by Yamatake  (1 each)

                        SRF206AS00100 (Digital Process Recorder)   (Option)

                        6 Points Simultaneous Display, Chart Width 180mm


4-8 Fresh Air Intake Temperature Controlled Damper (TIC-102, TIC-103)

a.       Model: ф280 Automatic Damper (w/VD), Manufactured by SS    (1 each)

              ф150 Automatic Damper (w/VD), Manufactured by SS              (1 each)

b.      Drive Unit: Control Motor      (1 each)  


4-9 Air/De-Odor Switching Damper

a.       Model:  ф610 On/off Automatic Damper (w/VD), Manufactured by SUS (4 each)

b.      Drive Unit: Control Motor   (4 each)  


4-10 Duct Specification

Use 1.5mmt SUS304 Welding Duct

Need Appropriate Inspection Opening and Measurement Opening


4-11 Heat Insulation Specification

For Duct Insulation, Use MG#80 JIS-3000 Hours

Colored Iron Plate Lagging Finish


4-12 Soundproofing

Exhaust Blower: MG#80, 75mmt + Colored Iron Plate Lagging Finish (1 each)


4-13 Electrical Instrumentation Construction

Secondary Side Electrical Instrumentation Construction around the De-Odor Equipment after Driving Operation Panel

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